Understanding the NDIS - How the NDIS works

You will need to meet some basic criteria to be eligible. This includes:

  • Your age,
  • Australian Residency status and
  • The nature of your disability.

The NDIS also needs to be available in your area.

For more information visit  www.ndis.gov.au

An NDIS plan provides details about you.  It includes details you give to your Local Area Coordinator (LAC)

at your first planning meeting. It also specifies the goals you want to achieve and includes the different types of supports required to help you achieve your goals and the funding allocated to each support category. What is covered in your plan will depend on your individual needs and life goals.

Most support costs are covered by the NDIS across a number of areas from employment, education and community participation through to health and wellbeing, living arrangements.

It is best to start your planning early and not wait until your first meeting to work out what you want.  Give our friendly staff a call at any time and we will be glad to assist you.

Once you sign up with Dynamic Plan Management, we will give you access to the supports you need to easily keep track of your budget and your spending.

Yes. For example, your personal circumstances might have changed or you may not need to continue with a particular service.  You can make changes to your plan at any time by asking for a review of your plan.

Useful Downloads

Here are some useful resources for you to help you in understanding the NDIS

Dynamic Plan Management Participant Handbook

Understanding the NDIS Handbook

Using your NDIS Plan

NDIS Portal Guide

NDIS Planning

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